These terms and conditions are applicable to the use of our services in addition to your website navigation patterns. You can get in touch to learn more.

Terms and Conditions

You must be of legal age in order to get benefited by the services that this website offers. Parental guidance will be required for customers under the legal age of 13. Parents or legal guardians can avail the services on behalf of such underage individuals. The terms and conditions of using our services are as under:


    Some terms that are frequently used on this webpage are defined below with respect to their meanings and roles. The definitions are added in order to familiarize the customers with these terms.

  • Website/Company : A Website/Company is the domain name or the name of the organization from which you are availing services (in this case https://ewritingclub.com).
  • Customer/Client/User : The person who is availing the services from the website/company will be a Customer/Client. In the case of underage fellows, the guardian paying for the order will be considered as the customer.
  • Product/Service : The final outcome received by the user after the completion of the order is called a Product/Service. The product may be any research document that the user will be getting from the service providers in addition to consultation and/or advice.
  • Order : The final deliverable for which the user has asked for is called an Order. These orders may be completed in a specified time according to the procedure. The user will be paying for these getting these orders.
  • Content : The tabular, textual, image, audio, or video file(s) are labeled as 'content'. The credentials that were gathered at the time of registration and order requirements are also included in the category of content. However, the meaning of the content is not restricted to this definition only.


  • The organization does not take any responsibility for the lack of a user's understanding and interpretation regarding the material covered by our services. We solely offer our services for personal understanding and research purposes.
  • The website is the sole owner of the data available here. The authorities of the website can delete the data present here without any prior notice. Therefore, the users are advised not to completely rely on the information available here.
  • The customers are not allowed to submit the products or orders they acquire using the services of this website. The site is the sole owner of the content that is produced. Thus, the users cannot submit any document as their own creation, neither can they submit the data to any enterprise for educational, teaching, or testing purposes.
  • By submitting an order or confirming payment, the users agree to acquire the products and services delivered to them for non-commercial and personal use only. The content delivered to the users is created by a team of professionals, thus making it (The Content) the company's property.
  • The services offered by this website don't come with any warranties, and neither are the services refundable in terms of payment.
  • Although we assure the quality of our services and conduct proper procedures, we do not guarantee any final grade to the users.
  • Any delays that may occur in the processing and delivering of orders due to the incomplete or discrete details provided by the customer are not the responsibility of the company. The user is requested to provide detailed requirements at the start.
  • The work delivered to the customers is backed up in our servers for two years. In case of any missing order, no information can be retrieved for the user after two years.


    It is utterly up to the user's will to visit our webpage. The privacy issues regarding the user's visit are subjected to the terms given here. Any ambiguity that arises in the minds of our users will be addressed immediately by our customer service. All the policies of eWritingClub are under constant supervision and modifications, so the user is guided to recheck policies before placing an order to avoid any inconvenience.

    All the information presented on our website may not be factually correct. This is because we add some of the information for the purpose of guiding the user about our services and that information is not necessarily true all the time.


    Unless claimed otherwise, each component that is present on this domain in the form of textual content, images, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, icons, or any other multimedia is the sole property of eWritingClub. All intellectual property of this site is covered by international copyright laws. It is illegal to use the trademark components present on the domain of eWritingClub without the permission of the respective authorities.


    The pricing structure that is offered by eWritingClub is considered affordable in comparison to the other websites providing services in this domain. Along with the premium packages, some free features are also offered to the customers. Once a customer avails a discount, they become disentitled to any other discounts offered by the website.


    It is assumed that the user has a complete understanding of the fact that the services provided by eWritingClub are subject to availability. None of our subsidiaries, license providers, affiliates, or any member of the company warrant that:

  • Utilizing services by eWritingClub will fulfill customer's needs fully.
  • The customers will always be served in a timely, secure, non-interrupted and non-erroneous manner.
  • The information in the content delivered to the customers will be utterly authentic and reliable.
  • We take responsibility for data retrieval in any way. The company shall not be held responsible for data retrieval if the user deleted any data from their PC accidentally or willingly.
  • We take responsibility for any issue caused because of downloading any media from this website. Any virus or malware that attacks the customer's PC as a result of downloading any file from eWritingClub is not the responsibility of the site. The company will not be compensating in case of these losses.


    It is to inform the customers that even though the company warns the customers about potential errors, we will not be responsible in case of any damage caused by this site or any wrong usage of the products/ services. The company shall also not be responsible in case of an increase in the paid fee until a certain time. Information other than what is made part of our policies, which may be provided to the user orally, written or in any other form, does not warrant or certificate of reliability. You can contact us for more information.