Please read the policies carefully and feel free to get in touch with us if you have ambiguities regarding any clause.




    Keeping ultimate customer satisfaction into consideration, we offer unlimited revisions. Our team works in an assiduous manner to provide nothing but the best services to our customers. If any customer finds that their work is not meeting the satisfactory criteria, they can order as many revisions as they want. The procedure to get any order revised is fairly simple. The customer is required to send us an email containing revision comments, hinting towards the changes required in the paper. Another process through which the customer can request a revision is by visiting his "User Area" and clicking "Revision" from the respective user area page. The customer is required to type in the details of the changes they want in the paper and submit the request.

    The time frame for each revision is given below:

  • Revision time for the  first revision cycle is 24 hours.
  • Revision time for the  second revision cycle is 48 hours.
  • 72 hours will be required for the  third and all the subsequent revisions.
  • The revision time is dependent on the revision comments provided by the customer, as mentioned earlier. We may perform revision in lesser time if the revision comments are minor. Any ambiguity in the description provided or major changes mentioned in the comments can affect the timeline of each revision cycle. To avoid any delays, the customer is requested to provide complete details while placing an order.

    To avoid any delays in the revision cycle, the assigned writer will first compare the revision comments with the initial requirements. The revision is free of any cost if the revision comments are correct with respect to the original guidelines. If the revision comments are different from original order guidelines, then the customer is required to pay an adjustment fee.

    Urgent Revisions:

    If the client requests an urgent revision, then they might have to pay some additional charges. This is imperative because the writer may not be available to perform the revision so another writer will be arranged to complete the revision.


    A full refund is provided to the customer in case of any error in the transaction process, i.e. identical orders, double payments, etc. or in case of unavailability of any relevant writer.

    eWritingClub is a company that pays a great deal of attention to customer satisfaction. There can be cases in which customers need to cancel their orders because of some unprecedented issues. In such cases, partial refunds may be offered to the customers if they inform us beforehand. In these situations, the refund will be disbursed with respect to following clauses:

  • A writer is assigned: If a writer is assigned to your order, you will get a 50% refund.
  • A writer is not assigned: If a writer has not been assigned to your order, you will get a 90% refund.
  • Details are missing: If the details of your order are missing and you cancel the order, you will get a 95% refund.


    Timely delivery lies at the core of our policies; therefore, we always provide your orders in due time or even before that. We have a team that works dedicatedly with the deadlines; more than 95% percent of the time the orders are delivered on time. However, any unusual case may be presented and cause unwanted results. This happens mostly in case of incomplete requirements or any technical error.

    To avoid inconvenience, the customers are requested to check the inbox on and off to get email updates. Sometimes the email(s) we send end up in the spam folder as well, so the users are encouraged to keep checking the spam/junk section of their email account as well to get any updates about the status of their order. In addition, the customers are advised to check their assigned "User Area" for further information about the order. In case a customer faces any ambiguity, they are advised to start a live chat with the customer support team. The customer support representatives are available 24/7.

    Our custom writing services are offered for research purposes only. We at eWritingClub do not advise our customers to submit the research work as their own assignments. The work delivered by us is for personal understanding and research purposes. Submitting the work as your own work may result in penalties by your academic institute.


  • As mentioned in the referral policy, the company offers the customers specified percentages mentioned in the referral program. This initiative is taken to engage the customer in business.
  • Payments made under the referral program are made into the current account of the user in the form of credit. The credit can only be earned by using the services displayed on this website.
  • On successfully achieving the eligibility criteria of the referral program, the customers will be awarded credit by the company during the next 6 months after the criteria completion for each successful referral.
  • The credit offered will be valid and can be used only if the person referred by the customer signs up using a unique link of the referrer. Otherwise, the customer shall not be eligible to earn any credits.
  • The credit offered to a customer can be canceled if the referred customer cancels, refunds, or requests to reimburse their order.
  • The referral program can be revoked by the company at any time without informing the customer.
  • In case of any mishandling and altercations, the customer is requested to be patient while our management resolves the issue.
  • Redeeming cash may be available to the customers who have credit greater than $500 in their account. The cash can be redeemed by sending a request via e-mail only.
  • The credit available will be applied to the final payment amount of the referral.
  • The credit can be earned by the referrer for 6 months after the referral has successfully paid for the first order.
  • The customers who have referred their friends can check their credit and referral status under the "Refer a friend" category in their user area.
  • Following are the packages according to which credit is awarded:
  • Basic - By referring 1-3 individuals successfully, customers are eligible for a 5% credit amount for the next six months on every confirmed referral order.

    Silver - By referring 4-7 individuals successfully, customers are eligible for a 10% credit amount for the next six months on every confirmed referral order.

    Gold - By referring 8-10 individuals successfully, customers are eligible for a 15% credit amount for the next six months on every confirmed referral order.

    Platinum - By referring 11+ individuals successfully, customers are eligible for a 20% credit amount for the next six months on every confirmed referral order.


    Our company never has and will never share the customers' data with any third-party websites or unauthorized entity. We protect private information because the privacy of our customers is vital to us and makes the core of our values. Customer credentials like name, phone number, and email address are stored and protected; they are never revealed to unauthorized members of the company. Customer information is not even shared with the expert who is responsible for carrying out the task. We take your privacy very seriously here at eWritingClub.

    Your academic information, such as your requirements regarding the paper or essay, is never leaked out to any individual. The aforementioned customer privacy and confidentiality protocols are crucial to the seamless deliverance of our services. Not only does this privacy policy apply to the data gathered explicitly through forms but also to the data gathered by other means such as cookies or session information. We maintain a constant check on information circulation and keep the valuable information hidden from non-related people.

    Customer request to update or delete any information is always entertained. However, it is to be informed that the company stays independent to update this privacy policy without notifying the customers at any time. It is therefore advised to the visitors of this website (customers + non-customers) to read the policy page before ordering any product or service from us. The company is not liable to inform the users prior to changing the privacy policy.

    This privacy policy covers the areas of data storage, order processing, and transfer of information to payment gateways uniformly and is applied to them equally, thus protecting the integrity of the customers' private information. The privacy policy also applies to the promotions we offer. Different data protection algorithms, management tools, and security protocols are used to prevent phishing. These initiatives make eWritingClub the most protected and trusted website in terms of safety in the market. However, the customers are advised to be thoughtful while sharing their information like financial information (credit cards or any other card), mailing addresses, or social security number through data fields. We have included security protocols to ensure customers' data protection. The private information that the customers share with us may be stored on our servers; the reason we store private information is to use it for marketing and analysis purposes. This information is neither shared with the unauthorized public or private entities nor is it transferred, sold or exchanged to third parties.

    eWritingClub remains in authority to update this privacy policy at any time without informing anyone. The customers are directed to read the privacy policy every now and then so that they are up to date with the changes. The customers will be liable to follow the privacy policy once they place an order on eWritingClub. If the company intends to use any information other than the public information of the customer, he or she will be notified in advance. The notification will be sent 30 days prior to the use of information, and the customer's consent will be acquired to move any further. Feel free to contact us for any policy-related updates or news.


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